Explore our new 2019 programme, featuring whistleblower cops in New York, the growing movement of Flat-Earthers, Syrian refugees who have eight months to 'learn to be American' and an Irish farmer's battle against a multinational giant...


Irish farmer Thomas Reid lives a solitary life on the fringes of mainstream society. But beyond the walls of his 18th century farm looms a vast American factory owned the giant US microchip manufacturer Intel - and now they want his land.


When government agents seek to forcibly purchase his home in the name of pro-business economic progress, he vows to resist. Set against the backdrop of the landmark Supreme Court legal action and featuring unique reenactments of the courtroom by Thomas himself, The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid harnesses the immersive power of cinema in an epic David-and-Goliath tale of one man's fight for his ancestral home.

The Lonely Battle
of Thomas Reid
Dir. Feargal Ward


07.05, Aberystwyth Arts Centre (17:15) BUY TICKETS 

09.05, DCA, Dundee (20:45) BUY TICKETS

11.05, Rio Cinema, London (15:45) BUY TICKETS


Amidst a landmark class action lawsuit over illegal policing quotas, Crime + Punishment chronicles the remarkable efforts and struggles of a group of black and Latino whistleblower cops and the young minorities they are pressured to arrest and summons in New York City.

A highly intimate and cinematic experience with unprecedented access, Crime + Punishment examines the United States' most powerful police department through the brave endeavours of a group of active duty officers and one unforgettable private investigator who risk their careers and safety to bring light to harmful policing practices which have plagued the precincts and streets of New York City for decades.

Crime + Punishment
Dir. Stephen Maing


06.05, Rio Cinema, London (15:45) BUY TICKETS

08.05, DCA, Dundee (20:30) BUY TICKETS

11.05, Eden Court Cinema, Inverness (14:15) BUY TICKETS


Following two prominent Flat-Earthers, Behind The Curve takes a fun and intriguing look inside a ridiculed yet growing movement whose members believe that we have been told a lie - that the earth is not round.


The theory repeatedly disproves itself, but the film digs deeper into the lives of the theorists themselves in a curious portrait of narcissism, self-worth and the joy of finding comfort in a community who thinks the same as you.

In the Trump era of fake news and increasingly popular conspiracy theories, what in human nature can make somebody truly believe in something so disproven?

Behind the Curve
Dir. Daniel J. Clark


08.05, Eden Court Cinema, Inverness (18:00) BUY TICKETS 

09.05, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (18:00) BUY TICKETS 

10.05, Rio Cinema, London (18:30) BUY TICKETS

The Truth About 
Killer Robots
Dir. Maxim Pozdorovkin

As technology develops even beyond the imagination of science-fiction writers, filmmaker Maxim Pozdorovkin (Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer) considers three recent robot-inflicted deaths and asks, when a robot kills a human, who takes the blame?

The multinational companies that create and own this new workforce want us to believe the robots are here to help - but the threat to humanity is deeper than simply the future of work. Exploring provocative viewpoints from engineers, factory workers, journalists and philosophers, The Truth About Killer Robots is a cautionary tale about a world automating beyond control.


08.05, Rio Cinema, London (18:30) BUY TICKETS

10.05, DCA, Dundee (21:00) BUY TICKETS 


Only twenty-one thousand Syrian refugees out of five million have been accepted into the United States since 2011. This is Home follows four families sent to resettle in Baltimore in 2016. They have just eight months to find jobs, learn English, and become self-sufficient.

Halfway through the process, President Trump issues a travel ban on all refugees from Muslim-majority countries, and suddenly their lives, and the safety of loved ones still trapped in Syria, become all the more perilous. With much-needed empathy, filmmaker Alexandra Shiva reveals the inherent decency of a displaced community desperate for help within a country increasingly hostile to principles of inclusion and opportunity - a scenario that is increasingly mirrored in Europe and the UK.

This is Home
Dir. Alexandra Shiva


06.05, Eden Court Cinema, Inverness (18:15) BUY TICKETS

07.05, DCA, Dundee (20:30) BUY TICKETS

12.05, Rio Cinema, London (15:45) BUY TICKETS

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